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Imogen Heap – New Album Alert

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Imogen Heap, the brilliant British songstress, is set to release her third album this August. After a long, argues journey through building a studio in her house and recording the whole album within that study, Ellipse is finally ready and being released on August 24th in the UK and August 25th in North America.

Imogen’s new album is a thirteen track homage to her family home which she is now inhabiting again. Every track on the album was recorded in the house and has elements of the houses noises added in to it. It’s an interesting concept and we’re eager to hear how it pans out.

Full tracklisting and the first single after the jump!

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Lars Stephan Opens Official Website

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YEAH my own website!

Originally uploaded by lars nyc

LarsNYC from Flickr has started his own Website! It features several photos not originally in his Flickr portfolio. Here’s hoping the website works out beautifully for you, Lars! I’m rooting for you! Visit it below and find the link added to this blog’s linklist!

Heart-Shaped Box

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I was home this week, visiting family and my mother had received this lantern as a gift from a dear friend of hers. Seeing it reminded me of Nirvana’s song Heart-Shaped Box.

I thought maybe having a phone with email would help me post more often turns out that I’m just lazy. Ha.

That’s about it for now folks.


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Lightning Bolt Shot

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Favourite Profile: Humbuged

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An introduction to the gay artist known as Humbuged. 

The man’s done some amazing work and has been around in the gay art community for years now. His personal life isn’t out in the open, which I think is a very, very good thing. The general public doesn’t need to know everyone’s business. 😉 
Anyway, Hum has done some excellent art and created some very sexy characters. He’s also dabbled in some Flash animations and games. The most recent one is a feature of Final Fantasy X’s Wakka. Here’s a little preview he posted. 

He’s a great drawer, an awesome animator, and a creative mind. I adore the man and I’ve never even met him. Check him out at his website below. 
The Humplex