RoadRunner Records — Shame On You

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Amanda Palmer Belly


Recently, Amanda Palmer released the video for her song Leeds United. However, RoadRunner Records requested that she recut the video to include less shots of her ‘belly.’ 

Now, looking at the shot above, that had no retouching done to it, I think Amanda looks fucking amazing. She looks like a woman should. Apparently RoadRunner believes she’s far too fat to be showing off her stomach. 

However RoadRunner Records has no problems showing promo shots of Nightwish on their site with Tuomas Holopainen showing off his belly. Tuomas isn’t fat by any means, either, but I’d say his belly is around the same size as Amanda’s. But because he’s a metal head and a male, he could splay himself naked and RoadRunner would have no problems. But amanda dares to show off her stomach and they throw a bitch fit. 

This needs to be dealt with immediately. Here is RoadRunner’s contact information. PLEASE Email them a photo of your stomach, with whatever you’d like written on, or bare, and let them know that Bellies of ALL Shapes and sizes are appreciated and loved! 


902 Broadway, 8th Fl.
New York, NY 10010



         Managing Director: Cees Wessels
    President: Jonas Nachsin
    SVP Marketing: Madelyn Scarpulla


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Update: A member of The Shadowbox has put together this wonderful little letter detailing everything. Please read and send something along to RoadRunner or to Jordan!

Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls, has recently gone solo. The record company she is signed to, Roadrunner Records, has given her hell over finances, record sales, and now this…

Amanda has recently released her new music video for the song “Leeds United”.

Roadrunner Records responded by telling her to she was fat, and to recut the video to show less of her belly.
Amanda blogged about it here:

Since the release, Amanda Palmer fans have been posting tons of responses in the online Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer forum here:

They have begun posting pictures of their bellies in protest and support of Amanda, and sending their pictures to the email address of Jordan ( to make a collection to print and send to the Roadrunner Records HQ, and so far over 100 photos have been collected.

This isn’t just about Amanda Palmer’s belly. This is about all the bellies of the world: Big, small, hairy, stretch-marked, scarred, pregnant, every single belly. The aim is to reclaim the belly; To promote a healthy body image for everyone (not even just females) and to bring an end, or at least a tapering, to the “barbie dolling” of images that record companies and the media as a whole do to artists.

So JOIN THE REBELLYON. Take a picture of your beautiful belly, send it to Jordan (, make it your default myspace/facebook picture, do anything to promote the cause. Help spread a healthy body image for everyone. Just do it.

And flip through this thread to see some more bellies. It’s worth it.


Prince William Whips It Out!

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Prince William has finally whipped out his private bits and been caught! The paps were chasing him around during a Polo match and Billy had to piss, so… 

Jump past the break for the shots. 

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The Baroness Redecorates

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Sarah Slean announced today that her new B-side EP will be released on December 9th in stores and online. The EP will be titled The Baroness Redecorates. The official tracklisting, including seven tracks with four previously unreleased, is listed below. 

  1. Parasol
  2. Lonely Side of the Moon
  3. Modern Man I & II
  4. Compatriots 
  5. The Rose
  6. Hear Me Out
  7. The “Disarm” Suite

Unforunately, Sarah’s beautiful rendition of Paul Gross’s song “After The War” from the Canadian War Film Passchendaele is absent from the EP. But Sarah has confirmed that there is a short film being worked on to accompany the track Modern Man. Look for The Baroness Redecorates in stores and online on December 9th!

New Album Alert — Goddess – Emm Gryner

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Canadian Gem Emm Gryner has announced that she will be releasing a new album in February 2009. The album will be titled Goddess. Emm noted in a recent blog post that the album is a ‘winter album, with it’s minor keys and strings’ which is a contrast to her most recent album, released in 2006, The Summer of High Hopes. 

Jump past the break for a little more insight on the album!

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NO on Prop 8 — Vote Today!

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As a friendly reminder to our Californian readers, please go out today and vote No on Prop 8! Whether or not you support gay marriage, the prop wants to change constitutional rights to allow the government to discriminate under the law, which is wrong!

Also, for every American reader, go out and vote! Whether you vote for Obama or McCain, just go vote!!

Lars Stephan Opens Official Website

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YEAH my own website!

Originally uploaded by lars nyc

LarsNYC from Flickr has started his own Website! It features several photos not originally in his Flickr portfolio. Here’s hoping the website works out beautifully for you, Lars! I’m rooting for you! Visit it below and find the link added to this blog’s linklist!

Beyonce — I Am… Debut Singles

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Standard I Am… Sascha Fierce cover


Beyonce is releasing a new album next month entitled I Am… The album will be a double-album, with Disc One entitled I Am… Beyonce and Disc Two entitled I Am… Sascha Fierce. I’m pretty excited for the album. I loved Dangerously in Love but B’Day didn’t really do it for me. 

Beyonce’s new album has a dual-personality theme. The first disc is the Beyonce disc, containing more bluesy and R&B styled songs and the second disc is the Sascha Fierce disc, containing dance and hip-hop styled songs. 

The first single from the album is a double A-Side, If I Were A Boy (from the Beyonce Disc) and Single Ladies (from the Sascha Fierce Disc). Both videos are embedded below.  I enjoy Single Ladies much more. 

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