Imogen Heap – New Album Alert


Imogen Heap, the brilliant British songstress, is set to release her third album this August. After a long, argues journey through building a studio in her house and recording the whole album within that study, Ellipse is finally ready and being released on August 24th in the UK and August 25th in North America.

Imogen’s new album is a thirteen track homage to her family home which she is now inhabiting again. Every track on the album was recorded in the house and has elements of the houses noises added in to it. It’s an interesting concept and we’re eager to hear how it pans out.

Full tracklisting and the first single after the jump!

  1. First Train Home
  2. Wait It Out
  3. Earth
  4. Little Bird
  5. Swoon
  6. Tidal
  7. Between Sheets
  8. 2 – 1 (formerly known as ‘Polyfilla’)
  9. Bad Body Double
  10. A-Ha!
  11. The Fire
  12. Canvas
  13. Half Life

Below is the sampling of First Train Home, the first single from the album.

Download First Train Home


One Response to “Imogen Heap – New Album Alert”

  1. Thomas Scott Says:

    I am in love with her. I’ve been following her like an internet stalker, simply because I’ve heard samples of every single one of those songs. Also, not to be terribly rude, but I think the word you were looking for towards the top was ‘arduous’ and not ‘argues’. Just a heads up.

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