Not So Guilty Pleasure


I love Jared Padalecki. He’s fucking gorgeous. I first saw him in House Of Wax. I thought he was gorgeous then but now he’s just a god. Love love love him! If I had the chance, I would become Mrs. Em Padalecki. Mmm. He’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s just muscled enough, he’s got a fantastic ass. And he’s from Texas. And everything is bigger in texas. 😉

Catch Jared every thursday night on The CW in Supernatural with other hotties Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The next season of Supernatural starts next month on September 18th.

Two more shots after the jump…


One Response to “Not So Guilty Pleasure”

  1. Jensen Ackles is much nicer to look at in my opinion! He’s gorgeous in real life too. He filmed his new movie My Bloody Valentine (3-D) in the building next to my office and he was very friendly and down-to-earth!

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