Keric’s Komplex 3 is on the way!


Humbuged, one of the artists I profiled recently, is working on a third flash game in his Keric’s Komplex series. The first two can be found here.   

Hum’s characters are great. Funny, but sexy. The first Keric’s Komplex game centered around Keric, a modest hunky beefcake,  waking up to a good stiff morning hard on and needing your help to take care of it. 
The second introduced Cyl (pronounced like “sill”) to the series. A spunky, slimmer redheaded twink that Keric encountered for the first time on the train. Cyl groped the big elf before following him home. Cyl shows up at his doorstep and jerks him off on the front step. 
The third entry in the series is introducing a third character the the series. Hum’s given us a teaser image. 
So check out Keric’s Komplex 1 & 2 and keep checking back here for updates on Keric’s Komplex 3! 

6 Responses to “Keric’s Komplex 3 is on the way!”

  1. Hey Em! 🙂 Thanks so much for the plug 😀 I’ve already put up your new blog in my link list 😀

  2. Thanks Hum! I’m really looking forward to KK3! =D

  3. elementor123 Says:

    i cant not wait to play the chapter 3

  4. Hey hum! I love the 1/2 KK hey um how much longer do u think it will take KK 3 to be released? Anywayzz Just email me back at!!!!!!!! Keric is a Stud-Muffin!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!Reply back hum

  5. Thanks Hum! I’m really looking forward

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